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Training never ends and should be something you continue throughout your dogs life. Regular training can help your dog to become more confident and responsive, it allows your dog more freedom in daily life, can offer a form of enrichment for your dog as well as helping to boost the bond you share too.

At Canis Concept we offer a range of training options to suit you, your dog and your lifestyle; ranging from one off workshops to weekly classes. As well as this, we can offer 1-2-1 sessions working with you to develop a training plan that can be tailored to your dogs needs.

To find out more about our current courses drop us a message via our contact form, check our booking system or browse our Facebook page for up to date information.


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"Training opens up communication; it's a language that helps our dog understand us, and us to understand them"

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We understand things can change but as a small business we need to ensure we cover our costs too which includes venue and the possibility of not being able to fill a space last minute should someone withdraw. Therefore our policy is designed to take into account both perspectives…

Cancellation with more than 14 days notice - Full Refund

Cancellation between 3-14 days before the training - 50% Refund 

Cancellation less than 72 hours before the training - No Refund

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