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I want to also start by introducing my own dogs that have been the driving force behind my love of canine behaviour. We compete nationally in agility and dryland sled dog racing. I personally share my life with 8 dogs all of which are high drive breeds. 6 of these are rescues from various background and 2 I've had from puppies. These include;

Tide the Malinois,

Kaiser, Nala and Wallace the Australian Kelpies,

Nero the Welsh Sheepdog,

Bud and Pepper ther Border Collies,

and Roo the Staffy x Husky mix

It was very apparent in my own training journey that every dog is an individual and therefore there was no 'one size fits all' approach to training. Instead, I soon realised how important it was to work with training the dog in front of you using ethical science led methods.

My formal education has been focused on developing my knowledge of a vast range of species, not just canines. Although, it was at Aberystwyth University I discovered my love of animal and canine behaviour in particular.

Since leaving university in 2016, I worked offering online play and training advice to a variety of guardians and their dogs. However, in 2020 my own business Canis Concept was born and I have been teaching, guiding and supporting canines and their guardians on their training journeys ever since.

As with anything, more scientific research and our understanding of the canine mind and behaviour is always developing. Therefore, I pride myself on continuously educating myself on the latest studies and training concepts.

My qualifications include:

Level 1 Accredited Canine Hoopers UK Instructor

Canine First Aid Trained

Level 2 Award in Practical Animal Care

Level 3 Extended Diploma in Animal Management

Level 4 Diploma in Canine Welfare, Training and Behaviour

Diploma of Higher Eduction in Animal Science from Aberystwyth University

In addition to this I'm currently studying for a degree in Canine Behavioural Management to become a fully qualified behaviourist.

Other CPD courses, seminars and training:


“Emotional Aspects of Play” seminar with Sarah Heath BVSc 

“The Benefits of Play on Learning & Memory” with Tamsin Durston RVN

“The Interactive Play Guide” seminar and demonstration with Craig Ogilvie

“Dog Play: What’s OK?” seminar with Sarah Whitehead BA(Hons), MSc, CCAB

“Playing Without Limitations: for blind and deaf dogs” seminar with Morag Heirs PhD


Galen Therapy seminar with Cushla Lamen

"Cat meets Dog, Dog meets Cat" seminar with Gwen Bailey

"An ACE approach to Canine Education" with Sarah Fisher

"Evidence Based Tracking" seminar with Rob Hewings

“Interactive Play, Training and Motivation” workshop with Gemma Fisher

Practical Scent Workshop with Lucy D’Auvergne, MSc

Obedience and Heelwork Introduction with Anna Herzog

“Practical Puppy Development” training day with Chirag Patel, DipCABT, BSc PGCert


"Overcoming Dog Phobia in Children" KAD Protocol

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