Some reviews about our 1-2-1 dog training, workshops and classes from our wonderful clients.

Lola the Dachshund

"Canis Concept puppy package was perfect for our socially scared lockdown puppy. As much as they were group sessions there was enough 121 attention with each pup and they really helped with our individual issues in the session too. Can’t wait to book the next block for our new puppy this year."

Becca Mills with Lola the Dachshund


"An amazing little class, great for getting help with training your pup and socialising, Tarka definitely enjoyed her Tuesday evenings too! We are looking forward to the adolescent classes next!"

Jessica with Tarka the Dachshund

Loki graduate.jpeg

"Loki and I enjoyed the puppy training
Lovely friendly group very relaxed and got a lot out of it too. Loki is our first ever dog as a family so going to a group to learn the basics was much needed. Loki is a very lively pup and is always on the go but I now have the tools to keep him calm and under control. He is only 5 months but can now be let off the lead and comes back when called and he is starting to get used to other dogs.
We hope to carry on and do the next course!"

Kelly with Loki the Working Cocker