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A fun sport for active dogs and humans.

Canicross is trail running with your dog whilst attached by a specialist waist belt and bungee line. The dog wears a 'sled dog' style pulling harness and tows the human along. 

In the session we will talk through harness fitting, importance of correct equipment, safety and lots about what there is to know about the origin of the sport. From there we will work on building your dogs drive and motivation whilst ensuring you are confident also.

By the end of the session your dog will begin to understand directional cues before we head out for an interval style runs.

Don't worry about needing to be fast, we have clients that prefer to cani-hike whilst others want to sprint. The session is completely tailored to you and your dog and is a great way to keep active with your dog.

October - April only due to temperature.

Canicross Sessions: Classes
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