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Dog focused services in the heart of Wales.

Canis Concept was founded in 2020 focusing on using modern, ethical and scientifically proven methods of training. By using positive reinforcement and providing clarity this helps to strengthen the bond between you and your dog and make training more enjoyable whilst still getting results you desire. These methods will help you to develop a confident and responsive canine.

Although canine behaviour is our passion in addition to dog training we also offer other services such as enrichment dog walking and even wedding dog chaperoning. All of our services were developed with your dog's well being and happiness as our number one priority.

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Dogs love to learn and this is something that should happen throughout their life.

Many people believe that training is something to do when your dog is a puppy. That once your pup knows the basic commands you are set for life. In reality dog training is an ongoing journey rather than a destination you need to reach.

Training isn't simply teaching basic commands like 'Sit' and 'Stay' (although these are very helpful!). It is also about providing enrichment for your dog, understanding their body language and how they process new scenarios as well as helping your dog work through arousal. In addition to this, learning through games can make training more fun for handler and dog.

This is why our training is not only commands but life skills and developing relationship too.

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A convenient way to book group classes ranging from puppy life skills to tricks and sport classes. All of this can be found on the schedule. Enjoy a browse and see what new training journey you and your dog wish to embark on together,

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Get in touch with Canis Concept to learn more about our canine training, 1-2-1's and group classes.

Exeter, Crediton and Mid Devon.

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