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Are dogs sentient beings?

Are dogs sentient beings? Sentient simply means ‘able to perceive or feel things’.

UK law will now agree that they are.

At Canis Concept we know that dogs are sentient beings. We as dog handlers understand that dogs have the capability to feel fear, joy and also have an awareness of situations surrounding them. This canine intelligence, understanding and emotion are what help to make the human and dog bond so special.

By recognising our dogs as sentient beings it has many benefits. Firstly, knowing our dogs are able to perceive and react to positive and negative situations it helps us to better understand our dogs behaviour and why they respond the way they do. As well as this we can train accordingly whilst taking our dogs welfare and emotional well being into consideration. Finally, as we recognise this sentience this means that the training we use is more effective and enjoyable for all involved.

The 13th May is a big day as in UK law dogs and other animals will be recognised as sentient beings rather than as commodities. As well as this we will see the ‘Animal Sentience Bill’ being introduced to parliament to ensure higher welfare for animals across many industries. This is a step in the right direction for not just more ethical dog training but better welfare for many species.

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